Sunday, October 6, 2019

Welcome to the Season of Autumn!

We are officially in the season of Fall/Autumn and we are celebrating it within our classroom and centers this month because this new month means a switch in centers and theme of the room and this month is all about Fall!

The children are having fun exploring the new centers in the room including a Fall sensory table filled with popcorn seeds, acorns, pinecones and scoopers and tweezers.

The children are also exploring leaves and acorns in Science Center along with trying out the scale to weigh different items.

Block Area has new Duplo blocks to play with and the children had fun building different towers and using their creativity. And in Pretend Play the children got the addition of cleaning carts and get to CLEAN! :) The children love the chance to vacuum, mop and sweep the classroom!

And, of course, they had to take a break from cleaning to have a little picnic with the babies as well! 😄

And in Art Table, we had lots of fun Apple-themed art projects including marble painting and dobber painted apples.

This upcoming week we are looking forward to our first field trip to the Apple Orchard and learning more about Fall and leaves! 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Exploring our Five Senses!

Last week was all about our Five Senses and it was a fun week exploring with our senses - touching and guessing different textures, smelling scented bubbles and mystery jars in our science center, looked at a beehive, listening to different sounds and volumes with bells and we taste-tested different foods and compared them. 

We also learned about the Bible Story of the First Sin. It is a very sad story but we also have joy at the end of it when God promised Adam and Eve that he would send Jesus to take away their sins. Jesus crushed the Devil and we have the promise of heaven because of Him! 

The 4 year olds also made their own sensory shapes with glitter glue so they could close their eyes, trace the shape and guess the shape.

And the 3's had fun exploring foam and working on their fine motor strength.

They also worked on fine motor strength by using tweezers and picking up pom-poms. 

In Art Table this week the children had fun exploring different types of paint! 

The first day we painted with different smelling paint including cinnamon and lemon paint!

On another day, we did texture painting with paint and different items in it like rice, popcorn seeds, beans and noodles. It was for the kids to explore painting with different smells and textures!!

And we had a beautiful week and we had fun enjoying it and exploring with our senses! The kids LOVED blowing and popping bubbles. 

 We also used chalk and worked on large motor muscles with trikes and running!

And we finished our week with one of the kids' favorite activities - shaving cream!!!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year!

We just finished our first full week of the school year and we have already had so many adventures and so much fun!

The first few weeks of the school year are always mostly focused on learning the routines, schedules, play areas and rules of school and the children are already doing awesome learning these things and getting comfortable in a school setting!

This year is a little different because we have the 3's and 4's on different days. Therefore, we are able to really focus in on their individual growth and development and the smaller class sizes help promote this growth and development as well!

This week we focused in on the letter A and learned about how God created the whole world out of NOTHING!

We are also learning about ourselves - how we are different, how we are the similar and how God created us all so wonderful and unique! Each child got to bring in an About Me bag and show 4 things about themselves! It was great for developing the children's social and language development!

The children have also enjoyed exploring and learning in the play areas around the room including pretend play, block area and sensory table.

The pretend play area theme this month is home and family so we have lots of babies and strollers, dress up and kitchen set. The children have LOVED to push the babies around, dress them and rock them to sleep! They have also enjoyed cooking for the teacher and their friends and talking on the phone to family and friends!

Block Area this month includes wooden blocks, cars and magnets and the children have enjoyed making towers, pushing the cars around the mat and finding letters in their name from the magnets.

Sensory Table this month is birthday cupcake themed with colorful rice and birthday items like candles and cake decor. The children have LOVED making colorful cupcakes, blowing out the candles and finding the number of how old they are in the sensory table.

We had LOTS of rain in the last 2 weeks so we have spent some time indoors working on our large motor skills using hopscotch, bowling, balance beam and, of course, running!

Overall, it has been a GREAT start to the school year and we hope you will keep our school, our children and the teacher in your prayers this school year!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Creeping (with the Crawlies) into the End of the School Year!

I can't believe this marks the beginning of our last week of the school year! What a busy but fun year!

We continue to learn all about bugs and other creepy crawlies this month! We have had a lot of fun watching our Ladybug larvae get bigger and bigger but they have yet to make their pupas so I am not sure if we will get to see them emerge as ladybugs! Sad!

However, we are ending the year on a fun note! We are doing many of our favorite activities like shaving cream writing on the table and puppets in the Library area during playtime!

Art Table has been fun for the kids this month as we continue our bug-themed art projects including tissue paper bugs and dobber painted bugs!

We also did something new - Apple printed bugs. The kids found that to be a fun way to do art - a little messy but fun to see the prints the apples can make!

And, as always, there are lots of cool block buildings that the kids want to show off!!

 Outside the children got to try the parachute for the first time this year! They had fun moving together, "popping popcorn" with the balls and climbing underneath it while it was in the air!

This week we finish off the year with our End of the Year/Graduation Service and a trip to the big park!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

We are going BUGGY Over Here!

I can't believe it but we are in May and it is our last month of school!!!

I thought it would be a fun way to end the month with a fun but creepy theme - Bugs & Creepy Crawlies!

Our room has transformed into a buggy world of creepy crawlies and insects...including spider webs and live ladybugs!

This week we also focused on our last remaining letter of the year - Yy and our Bible Story was about how Jesus fed his disciple breakfast!

We have new play areas around the room and the kids are having a blast!

Pretend Play is now our Grocery Store stocked and organized into food groups! The kids love shopping with their grocery carts and shopping lists and also taking turns checking out the groceries with the cash register!

In Block Area we have large blocks and gears and in Sensory Table we have a Bean and Bug area filled with beans, bugs, nets, magnifying glasses, bug containers and more!

And in my favorite area this month - Science Center - we have our new class pets - LADYBUGS! They are just baby ladybug larva right now and we are watching as they make a cocoon-type covering and then will turn into ladybugs!

It is so fun for the children to watch them fly around and observe them with the magifying glass! It is really a fun way to learn about life cycles!

Plus, Science Center also has several other bugs to look at along with a Science viewer with different slides of bugs!

We also did some fun bug art projects including coffee filter butterflies and play-doh bugs!

And if that wasn't enough fun for one week, we also worked on some fine motor skills and sorting when we used tweezers to pick up bugs and sort them by size and type of bug!

On Friday, the 4 & 5 year olds had fun playing Buggy Bingo and matching Ladbug numbers!

We definitely went BUGGY this week about Insects!