Saturday, January 19, 2019

We're Ready for Take-Off!

This week is all about Air Transportation and we covered airplanes, hot air balloons, blimps, rocket ships and helicopters!

In Bible Time, we learned about when Jesus got lost in Jerusalem and his parents found him in the temple studying the Bible. We talked about how important reading the Bible is for our faith - Jesus knew this and he encourages us to study and learn from our Bibles too!

We also covered the letter Cc.

Check out some pics from our week!

The kids had fun "fixing the engine" on the car this week! It is great for their fine motor and hand/eye coordination development! Plus, they have to practice taking turns with the tools and working together with others!

In Art Center, the kids got make airplanes out of foam and then decorate them with stickers! This was also great for their fine motor development and promoting creativity! Check them out flying from the ceiling in our classroom!

On Wednesday, we did work in our Journals. The 3-year olds put stickers on their first letter of their name working on letter formation and fine motor skills. The 4/5 year olds wrote the letter of the week (Cc) in their journals and then drew pictures of things that start with C.

And on Friday, because of the cold weather and lack of snow, we decided to make our own winter fun by playing with our indoor snowballs! The kids had so much having a snowball fight (and throwing snowballs at their teacher!!). It was great exercise for the kids, gives them a good brain break and helps with their large/gross motor skills like throwing and running!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Learning Can Take You Anywhere!!!

With the new month, came a new theme and this month is all about Transportation! We will be learning about land, sea and air vehicles.

This week we covered land vehicles along with learning more about stoplights, traffic signs and driver's licenses.

We also learned about the letter Tt and the Bible Story about the 3 Wise Men visiting the toddler Jesus. The children got a chance to touch and smell the gifts: Gold, Frankincese and Myrhh.

Also, this month are new play areas:

In the Sensory Table is water, boats, spray bottle and funnels and cups! The children had fun pouring, driving the boats and other water fun!

In Science Center, the children got to explore with magnets and make cars move with magnets. There are also a couple globes for the children to explore.

In Pretend Play, the children are playing with the dollhouses and dolls.

In Block Area, the children are playing with train tracks, airports and trains and cars!

In the Art Table, the children got to explore paint using tire tracks and sponge painting trains.

On Monday, the children made their land vehicle of choice from foam shapes (we had a lot of buses, some cars and a camper!).

On Wednesday, we sorted vehicles by color and on Friday, the children got to "do mechanic work" on a car!

It was a fun week full of transportation-filled fun! Next week: air transportation!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Gearing up For Christmas!

It was a busy week at Little Lambs this week as we prepare for Christmas and our last week of school before Christmas - AND our Christmas program!

We studied the letter Nn, learned about the Bible Story Ruth and Naomi and continued with our Gingerbread theme! We also worked on our parents' Christmas presents!

The 4 & 5 year olds had fun on Friday making delicious smelling Cinnamon ornaments (but not edible)! They loved watching the mixing process and then getting a chance to roll out and cut out their own shapes over and over!

The classroom smells so good because of these!!

The children also REALLY enjoyed the snow this week - sledding AND building snowmen!

And on Sunday, they had their annual Christmas program! I am so proud of hard they worked on their songs and poem and they all sat so nicely and sang so brightly today! God was definitely smiling watching them praise their Lord and Savior!

Thank you to all that came to watch them and helped praise the baby Jesus! 

On to our last week of school before Christmas break!

Monday, December 10, 2018

We're Cooking Up Some Holiday Fun!

It's a new month which means a new theme and this month is all about Gingerbread and Christmas.

The kids are having a blast with the new play areas in the room!

In pretend play, we have a Bakery! The kids are loving to use the mixer, cut out the cookie shapes and decorate them!

In Block area, the children have Legos, wooden blocks and Waffle Blocks for building a Gingerbread house!

In Science center, we have magnet blocks with bells and the children get to experience and play with magnets!

In Sensory Table is our Frozen Search and Find! The kids love finding the characters from the Frozen movie along with other winter and Christmas themed item!

In Art area, the children have used play-doh, puffy Gingerbread paint, cookie cutters and MORE to make Gingerbread men.

The children are also LOVIN' the snow outside - playing on the snow hill, sledding and more!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Fun with Dinosaur Eggs!

This is our last week with our Dinosaur theme for the month and we went out with a bang!

On Monday, we had fun putting eggs in water and then on Wednesday we saw them hatch and little baby dinosaurs came out!

And on Friday, the 4/5 year olds got to use eye droppers to "hatch" frozen dinosaur eggs!

It was a lot of fun for them to free the baby dinosaur (and it was great for their fine motor muscles!).

Also, this week we learned about the Bible story about Gideon having to trust God and beat the mighty Midianites with a small army and their trumpets! The kids had fun making their own trumpets in the Art Center on Monday and we used them to re-tell the Bible Story on Friday.

The children enjoyed playing in the dinosaur-themed play areas one last time this week also! Here are some other various pics from the week:

And on Friday, the children got their first chance to really play in the snow! They built snowman, made snow angels and climbed on the snow hill!

And we ended the month of November by decorating our room for Christmas! The children had a lot of fun helping decorate the Christmas tree in the room!

And if you would like to give to Little Lambs this Christmas, we do have a Giving Tree in the hallway with gift idea ornaments on it. Feel free to grab an ornament of your choice and bring in your gift to Mrs. Oachs! THANK YOU for your support!

Next week, we start a new focus - Gingerbread/Winter!