Sunday, May 19, 2019

Creeping (with the Crawlies) into the End of the School Year!

I can't believe this marks the beginning of our last week of the school year! What a busy but fun year!

We continue to learn all about bugs and other creepy crawlies this month! We have had a lot of fun watching our Ladybug larvae get bigger and bigger but they have yet to make their pupas so I am not sure if we will get to see them emerge as ladybugs! Sad!

However, we are ending the year on a fun note! We are doing many of our favorite activities like shaving cream writing on the table and puppets in the Library area during playtime!

Art Table has been fun for the kids this month as we continue our bug-themed art projects including tissue paper bugs and dobber painted bugs!

We also did something new - Apple printed bugs. The kids found that to be a fun way to do art - a little messy but fun to see the prints the apples can make!

And, as always, there are lots of cool block buildings that the kids want to show off!!

 Outside the children got to try the parachute for the first time this year! They had fun moving together, "popping popcorn" with the balls and climbing underneath it while it was in the air!

This week we finish off the year with our End of the Year/Graduation Service and a trip to the big park!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

We are going BUGGY Over Here!

I can't believe it but we are in May and it is our last month of school!!!

I thought it would be a fun way to end the month with a fun but creepy theme - Bugs & Creepy Crawlies!

Our room has transformed into a buggy world of creepy crawlies and insects...including spider webs and live ladybugs!

This week we also focused on our last remaining letter of the year - Yy and our Bible Story was about how Jesus fed his disciple breakfast!

We have new play areas around the room and the kids are having a blast!

Pretend Play is now our Grocery Store stocked and organized into food groups! The kids love shopping with their grocery carts and shopping lists and also taking turns checking out the groceries with the cash register!

In Block Area we have large blocks and gears and in Sensory Table we have a Bean and Bug area filled with beans, bugs, nets, magnifying glasses, bug containers and more!

And in my favorite area this month - Science Center - we have our new class pets - LADYBUGS! They are just baby ladybug larva right now and we are watching as they make a cocoon-type covering and then will turn into ladybugs!

It is so fun for the children to watch them fly around and observe them with the magifying glass! It is really a fun way to learn about life cycles!

Plus, Science Center also has several other bugs to look at along with a Science viewer with different slides of bugs!

We also did some fun bug art projects including coffee filter butterflies and play-doh bugs!

And if that wasn't enough fun for one week, we also worked on some fine motor skills and sorting when we used tweezers to pick up bugs and sort them by size and type of bug!

On Friday, the 4 & 5 year olds had fun playing Buggy Bingo and matching Ladbug numbers!

We definitely went BUGGY this week about Insects!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! We're Going to the Moon!

The last couple weeks has been a mix of Space themed learning and activities celebrating and learning about Easter and Holy Week.

The children had fun in the Art Center using new tools to make art - like chalk, cookie cutters and glitter to make space and Easter themed art!

We also had a lot of fun making a new kind of fine motor manipulative - Moon Dough! It was fun for the kids to help make and to play with after!

As a large group activity, the children made it night time skies in a cup! It was a great fine motor activity because it required painting the entire cup black, then poking holes into it with a stick and the putting on stickers.

We then lit them up with glow sticks and LED candles and it was fun to see the light shine through the tiny holes like a night time sky!!!

Only one more week of Space themed play and then we are in our final month of school! Crazy how much time flies when you are having FUN in school! 😄

Saturday, April 6, 2019

3, 2, 1...Blast Off to Space!

The month of April is all about Outer Space and we have an Space-themed classroom including a spaceship in Pretend Play!

This week we began our Space unit and it has proved to be a fun one already! We also learned more about the letter Rr and the Bible Story about Zacchaeus and Jesus forgiving his sins and helping Zacchaeus be a better person.

Also this month is one of my very favorite sensory table items: Magic water marbles!

They start out as tiny little dry beads. Then just add water and Wa-lah! Large, squishy, wet, fun to play with water marbles!

 These are so fun for the kids to explore, scoop, and use their senses to figure out!

In Block Area this month, we have magnet blocks and MarbleWorks where the children can build tunnels and slides for the marbles to slide down. This helps them with cause and effect and fine motor skills along with teamwork.

And in Pretend Play is our astronaut dress-up and space ship! The kids had so much fun "exploring" the moon and planets in their spaceship and being astronauts this week!

We also did some fun space-themed art projects! On Monday, the children did marble painting planets and they ended up looking a lot like Earth!

On Wednesday, they made puffy paint moons and they turned out so good! Puffy paint is so fun for them because they can use a lot and it dries so squishy!

And on Friday, at Art time they got to make creations out of Foam Sensory Beads. They can pull, tear, build and so much more with this fun manipulative!

It was a fun week full of Space-filled fun! More to come next week!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Healthy & Safe Bodies!

This is our last week of our Safety Month and this week was all about Health & Safety for our bodies including hand washing, covering when sneezing, dental health and healthy foods.

In Bible Time we learned about the poor widow's offering and about giving back to Jesus through our offerings - not only with money but prayers, helping others and singing to praise Jesus.

On Monday we had fun doing a new art technique - blowing the paint with a straw to create germs on hands.

Then we "washed" the germs away by using bubble painting!

Then the children had a lot of fun creating themselves on paper. We then added tissues and their hand as a great reminder to always cover and blow with a tissue to keep our germs to ourselves!

On Wednesday, the kids tried something else fun and new in the art table - painting with a toothbrush!! 

They got to practice their teeth brushing by painting a dirty tooth white!

They also enjoyed the beautiful weather and playing on the playground again!

And on Friday, the kids had fun being dentists with play-doh! They got to clean the teeth, extract the bad teeth and even put on braces!

And then we got to clean teeth during an alphabet activity! The children had to find the letters on the teeth that I showed them and clean them off! It was a lot of fun for them and great for their letter recognition!

Next week - new month, new theme! Stay Tuned!