Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Weather Outside is Frightful, but Exploring Winter is so Delightful!

This month is all about Winter and in the first two weeks we learned about winter weather and winter clothing that we wear when it is winter. 

We also have new centers this month including a Frozen search and find themed sensory table! This is one of my favorites and the kids really love it too!

In the Pretend Play area, we have a beauty shop and winter weather wear to dress in.

The kids have had fun putting on their makeup, doing each other's hair and dressing up for winter.

And, of course, they still love playing with the babies and food and serving each other food at the table!

In the Block Area, we have train tracks and waffle blocks. The kids really love creating with the train tracks!

In Art Table, the kids have had fun doing winter themed art projects including pom pom & q-tip  painting snow,

The 3 year olds got their first practice with scissors when they made snowflakes out of coffee filters! They did awesome!

They then got to paint them with droppers!

They continued to work on fine motor skills when they made snowflakes by threading on beads!

During winter weather clothing week, the children worked on counting as they put on different amounts of buttons on a coat.

And the 4 year olds got to design and dress up their very own snowmen! They looks so great!

And we had the chance to try out our new scooter boards inside when the weather dropped below 0 outside!

We're going to finish our month up learning about animals in winter and all about ice!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Special Meaning behind Candy Canes & More Christmas Fun!

The month of December we focused on Christmas and the special meaning behind Candy Canes! Studying candy canes also gave us a chance to practice patterns and also do some fun candy cane science experiments!

Pretend Play area this month was a Pizza Parlor!

The kids had fun ordering their favorite type of pizza, paying for it and making pizzas in the pizza oven! They could even wear a mustache if they wanted!

In Sensory Table this month was water and water toys.

The kids had fun pouring, stirring and playing with the number Rubber Duckies!

One of the kid's favorite things to do with the candy canes was make them disappear!

Just simply put them in warm water and watch 1) first the stripes disappear! 2) then the whole thing disappears!

In Art Table the kids had fun doing various art projects including marble painting candy canes.

The kids also had fun this month helping me decorate our classroom Christmas tree! They loved putting on the blue ornaments and being so very careful with them!

The kids also enjoyed re-telling our Bible Stories this month with flannel board pieces and with masks! They re-told the story of Baby John being born and the story of Baby Jesus as well!


And as I mentioned earlier, we had lots of fine motor practice lacing and forming patterns to make candy canes and also to make our very own pair of Jingle Bells to shake while we sang our Jesus Jingle Bells song!

And to end our month of school we topped it off with our Christmas parties where the children had a book exchange, played games, ate treats and ended the day with shaving cream fun!

Overall, it has been a great first half of the school year and I can't wait to see what 2020 brings for Little Lambs Preschool!

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year from all of us!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Fun with Rhyming and Repetition Books!

This November, we are reading books with rhymes and repetitions and it has been so fun! We are reading books like Silly Sally, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, The Three Little Pigs, Nursery Rhymes and other fun books!

We also have new play areas this month and the kids are having a blast playing in them!

First, in Pretend Play, we have the "I Scream for Ice Cream" ice cream shop! The kids are having a blast ordering, making and delivering the ice cream to their friends at the ice cream shop.

They are also having fun "getting fancy" and dressing up to go get their ice cream or walk their babies!

Some have even become kings or queens!

And in Block Area, the children have large cardboard blocks to build with and they have accepted the challenge to build a tower taller than Mrs. Oachs!

With the help of a stool, many of the children have succeeded or been very close!!!

 And in Art Table, we have done various art projects - some glitter art for letter G week...

hearts on H's for letter H week...

And spoon painting on a dish for the Hey Diddle Diddle rhyme!

In Sensory Table this month is packing peanuts and magnets!

Other fun this month so far...

Re-telling stories with flannel!

Playing with magnets from Science Center...

Making Silly Sally's curly hair with beads and pipe cleaners!

And wearing glasses during letter G week!

And outside the children have had lots of practice already getting their snow clothes on and having tons of fun playing in the snow!